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Design for Next Nature

Nowadays people all over the world use internet as a way to share and show personal information. On profile websites like Facebook, Hyves and MySpace they keep personal profiles containing their interests, music and photos. With these profiles they belong to online communities that they share with friends from all over the world. But when someone dies all this personal information and data remains on the internet since no other then the person himself can remove the information. In this way the internet become full with digital ghosts and the data can be used without the person’s permission. is a conceptual internet service that provides a proper ending of your digital data on the internet after your death. By signing this will the person can choose what will happen to his online profiles after his death. The person leaves his login data for his different profiles and chooses whether he wants the information to be removed, transferred to the so called virtual cemetery or leave it to the relatives to decide what will happen. The virtual cemetery is a place on the internet where the virtual you can rest in peace. The data from the different profiles are collected and combined into a memorial website that is a collection of the information that the person has posted on the internet. On this website people can remember the person and leave condolences. The person’s data are no longer spread all over the internet and his digital life has ended in a proper way.

This concept is a result of a one week module called ‘Design for Next Nature’ aiming for innovative design concepts that might influence our daily life in the near future. Next Nature stands for the phenomenon of technology becoming a nature on its own.

The team member Elin Tybring, a Swedish exchange student, managed to develop this concept into an actual company: Webwill.
Koert van Mensvoort (module assignor) Next Nature blog.

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