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Solime – Master Project

The breakout space, a communal space in the open office environment for people to meet and to retreat from work activities. This type of ‘flexible’ space can be found in an increasing number of office contexts and have a mixed nature of functions as this relates to the type of office and company culture.
The outline of this project is to explore for innovative light applications, interaction and implementations for the breakout area as facilitated at the department of Industrial Design. Focusing on the user system interaction track from an embodied interaction perspective, this work contains explorations for opportunities to implement a lighting systems and its interaction space in the context of the intelligent ‘sensing space’. The target group, which consists of the staff and students of the Light, Time, Space and Move theme, engaged in working activities in the breakout space must be empowered to work efficiently and together in this communal space.

initial result of scenario development

As a result of several iterations of exploration, ideation, concept development and realisation, the Solime system has been developed. This is based on the concept of facilitating aspects of the social interaction in the BreakOut 404 area. By integration of various modalities, into social interaction and embodied interaction aspects, for user activities, a lighting control application has been developed that works in sync with other intelligent light applications on the same platform. The system has been confronted with its end user and with that feedback further recommendations were made regarding design for interaction with light apps in the breakout area.

Solime can engage in various states depending on user activity

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