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During a first year Bachelor team project this product was designed with the aim to teach children more about scent. Senta is the company that functioned as a client for the project.  A set target includes the kid should learn something from using the product. Through interviews, user observation, brainstorming, and modelling eventually a scent spreading squeeze lamp was designed. Working with and for kids proved to be an inspiring experience as they have their own unrestricted view on everyday things.

This lamp has three squeezable arms. When squeezing them a subtle touch of scent will spread. While doing that, a specific coloured light starts glowing and very smoothly fades out when released again. This approach should help kids to become familiar with scent as it is a much underestimated modality. Like describing taste, describing and recognising a scent is a matter of experience. The younger a person starts exploring it, the quicker they will get a better understanding of what scent is through this multisensory design.

My tasks in this project involved being the team leader, form development, user observation, safety and prototyping. Other team members were all ID students: Jing Wang, David Menting and Jan Gillesen. This project was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2004.

Senta prototype

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